Using Digi ADB with stock Eclipse

We already utilize Eclipse as our primary IDE here. We utilize a number of custom addon modules as well to Eclipse to do things such as Mercurial repositories.

Is there any way to add the Digi TCP/IP ADB support to the standard Eclipse IDE? Or is there an ADB driver for the Digi to use the USB connection?

It would be quite annoying to need to bring up a different version of Eclipse just to test applications with one of the platforms we are developing on.

Actually, I’ve found a way to connect to it from standard eclipse, so disregard this question.

Essentially, run from a command line “adb connect :5555” in the platform tools folder of the sdk.

I agree with the descalon. Thanks.


As you realize you can connect directly issuing commands to the adb daemon. Digi ESP is essentially a wraper of those commands. The connection part is hidden making it more atractive to users.

The hard part is implemented in the device ADB server, other than that you can connect to it using TCP/IP connection from any computer.

Kind regards.