Using Hyperterminal to connect

We have a SCO server with a 4port ISA serial board that has LINK5 dumb terminals connected to it. At the server cable connector there is a DB25 to rj45 adapter, then the cat5 cable runs across the building to another rj45 to DB25 adapter which connects to the “MAIN” port on the terminal.

I want to connect this to a com port on a windows machine and use HyperTerminal to connect to the server.

The original DB25/rj45 adapter has the male pins, so i used a gender changer to get it to connect to the 25 pin serial port, but I could not connect to the server, or at least nothing appeared in the HyperTerminal window and no keyboard input showed in window.

The HyperTerminal session communication settings have been configured exactly like the dumb terminal communication settings.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Can someone point me in the right direction to get this working? Do I have the right connectors? Will HyperTerminal work for this?

thanks folks