USRobotics USR5686G modem connected to USB 14 and Edgeport 1

I’m using a US Robotics USR5686G connected to a USB Anywhere 14 using a Digi Edgeport 1 as recommended by Digi. We had to use a db9 to db25 connector to connect the modem to the edgeport. I am using this to connect to a Windows 2008 SP2 32bit VM (ESX).

I was able to successfully install 3.60 of the USB Anywhere software on the server. I then installed 5.70 of the EdgePort config utility. Everything looks fine in Device Manager (Rapidport USB 56k Modem is detected on Com3 successfully), and I can query the modem thru diagnostics successfully (and even save the results to a log). When I look at the actual port in edgeport (com3) and choose status it says Port Closed. I cannot use the phone dialer to dial out on the modem, I keep getting an error about another program is using the selected Telephony Device. Is that port closed correct, or should it actually show a status? Shouldn’t I be able to dial the phone with phone dialer (just as a test, not the end result I will use this for). Thank you.