Vmware - lost connection with Anywhere USB concentrator after reboot

Recently we purchased an Anywhere USB/5 concentrator in order to use a USB dongle on a VMWare server. The concentrator is located on the same network subnet as the VMware server.
We installed the drivers for the device without errors, the USB dongle is ‘visible’ from the virtual server; however, we experience an unexpected issue:
after every reboot of the VMware virtual server the connection with the USB Anywhere concentrator is lost (flashing green lights appear on the concentrator).
In this situation the status bar of the USB anywhere configuration utility says: total discovered 1, available for connection 0.
The only way to reestablish the connection is to reboot the USB concentrator. After this action, the device is reconnected.

Is this behaviour by design or is there a way to solve this issue, and if so, how can we solve it?

Raymond Kalousdian

The virtual machine should automatically re-connect to the AnywhereUSB after it is rebooted.

The 5 port lights on the front panel of the AnywhereUSB should “scan” left-to-right when the virtual machine is rebooted, then they should turn solid green once Windows loads.

Perhaps your USB dongle is causing this problem. Try disconnecting ALL attached USB devices from the AnywhereUSB, then reboot the virtual machine. Do you see different behavior in this case?

Thank you very much for this tip. Removing, rebooting and re-inserting the USB dongle seemed to solve the problem.
The VMware server is now automatically re-connected to the AnywhereUSB concentrator, even with with the USB dongle inserted into the device and after repeating reboots.
However, I do not understand why this issue appeared earlier, because I did not make any change to the configuration of the server or the AnywhereUSB.
Therefore I will monitor the status of the device after reboots in the coming weeks and will update on this issue as soon as it appears again.

Raymond Kalousdian