watch points in gdb not working? Help

I have been unable to get watchpoints to work on the ME. Im using netos 6.0e I use the console to set a watchpoint so that the code will stop when the data in the watchpoint changes. for example i set a watchpoint by “watch (char)0x204000”. The console says that it has set up the watchpoint “Hardware watchpoint 16: (char) 0x204000”. But the system does not halt when the data @ 0x204000 is changed. It does do something strange though, immedialty after i set the watchpoint, if i then click on the coninue icon int gdbtk it immedialty halts, but not because the data changed. This happens twice then it will coninue the third time i click the continue button. Has anyone successflly set up a watchpoint in this enviroment. Any help would be really apprecaated, as we have a bug in our code that i need to fix, but its really hard to fix if watchpoints arnt working.