Why must I Cycle Power on anywhereUSB14 for it to be discovered after a server power cycle?


  1. My server and AnywhereUSB 14 are both powered down.
  2. The sever and AnywhereUSB are powered up at same time.
  3. The Server(a vmware ESX host) takes > 10 minutes to fully startup and the virtual machines up and running.
  4. The virtual machines do not reconize the AnywhereUSB
  5. I have to cycle the power on the AnywhereUSB, which means pulling both power plugs since the unit doesn’t have a power switch, to get the virtual machines to recognize(discover) the AnywhereUSB and everything works great.

Is the AnywhereUSB timing out somehow because the server takes so long?
The AnywhereUSB has a fixed IP.
TAny advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you receive the error message -" no concentrators found"
refer to the KBase


also refer to the below KBase articles as well