XB24C 401E firmwave how to update

excuse me. When I connected the radio module(XB24C 401E), XCTU shows a message"could not find a firmware…" , then, i updated many times. but the error message always appeared.
error message (screen shot):

Anyone suggest me how to do?

how are you connecting the XBee to the PC? What or who’s board are you connecting it to? What is the full part number for the XBee module you are working with?

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I used the connecting board made by Silicon Labs (CP210x USB to UART). and the specification of ZigBEE is shown in the link: https://imgur.com/a/ZxIOJ
get it from XCTU (ver.
or you mean the IC number:

Your additional label you put on the module is covering the part number for the XBee.

What pins does this 3rd party board use? For firmware upgrades, VCC, GND, Di, Do, DTR and RTS are required.