Xbee packet loss

I am using 3 xbees in default configuration, 2 of them trasmitting mode and one in receiving mode, and there are some packet loss.
What can i do to eliminate this problem of packet loss?
How many Xbee can i connect together and still have no problem?
I need to have a broadcast net, every Xbee have to receive and transmit.

That is called a Peer to peer network. Providing you are not trying to have all nodes communicate at the same time, you could have hundreds or more.

Also using the API is not possible to solve the problem of the communication in broadcast?
We need to keep the broadcast on our SW

No it would not. API mode only allows you to tell the module on a per packet bases if the packet is to be sent to one node or the next. It does not allow you to know if it was received on a broadcast packet.