XBeePro S1 on ZigBee Channel 25

I make a control system that uses XBeePro S1 radios. It has been in production for several years and works well.

Now I have a customer who specifically needs operation on ZigBee channel 25. We’ve done a site scan and determined that it really would be best to run on that channel in this case.

Is there any way, perhaps a firmware hack, that will allow the S1 XBeePro module to work on channel 25?

The XBeePro S2 module will work on channel 25, but it is completely incompatible with my existing S1 system. Adapting to S2 radios is possible, but it’s looking pretty close to a total rewrite. Not fun.

I just need S1 radios to work on channel 25!! Can it be done? There is budget to throw at this – I don’t need a freebie.

Thanks so much,

Talk to Digi sales (perhaps Jarad Hoftiens?).

There is no ‘software hack’ since the radio hardware needs to support the frequency and STILL meet specs. If the S1 really did support channel 25, then I assume Digi wasn’t just stupidly hiding in SW that the S1 cannot support it :slight_smile: They would certainly expose that for use as many custoemrs might like that support.