XBP24CZ7UIS-005 Problem

Hello, I have purchased several XBEE modules. (XBP24CZ7UIS-005) Now I have tested about 9 modules, but about 3 modules that when used with ZIGBEE PRO (A063 version) cannot work. But it can be used with DIGIMESH 2.4 SMT PRO (B002 Version) normally. Has anyone ever encountered this symptom?

Sorry for my bad English.

What do you mean by (A063 version)?

What is (B002) version referring to?

B002 is digimesh firmware.

From that day, total of 26 modules tested, 8 of them encountered the same problem. I would like to know what could be causing the problem.

Neither of the firmware versions you are listing are valid Digi XBee firmware versions. You can get a valid list by looking in XCTU’s firmware explorer.

This is my XBEE module.

This is firmware listing from XCTU.

Why do you say the firmware is invalid?

There is one module cannot join to network.

XBEE module (MAC: 0013A20041F8BD24) cannot join to network.

First, I would suggest using the standard firmware versions and not the NG version. Next, make sure you have antennas connected to them.

Where can I find the standard firmware version?

Use the XBee recovery tool. Modem type is XBP24C.

How to solve this problem?