ZB connection using XBee Pro S2B HW (programmable version)


I have set a net with ZigBee FW. I can connect XStick to Xbee PRO S2, but I can’t connect to programmable version.
One thing to be noted is that XStick came with programmable version modules on the same development kit.
Programmable modules are not programmed but even after entering ZB FW, module is not recognized on the net of non programmable devices. Nevertheless, the two programmable modules communicate with each other.
P/Ns are:
programmable - XBP24BZ7SITB003-revE and XBP24BZ7WITB003-revB
non programmable - XBP24Z7WIT004-revH and XB24Z7WIT004-revF

Is that suppose to happen? Or there is some configuration that can be done to make all modules communicate in one net?

Manny thanks,
Luciano Colin

Problem partially solved with FW 2xA0. Programmable and non-programmable routers communicate with each other.
When coordinator with same FW version is used, it cannot detect any of the routers.